When Heng falls ill he turns to the local shaman, whose diagnosis is that he has no
blood. Their solution is radical but effective. Read:
'The Disallowed'

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  • There are horrifying stories concerning Backpackers and Vampires in Thailand beginning to reach from one of our foreign correspondents.

  • Backpacking in Thailand is not what old hitchhikers from the Seventies would recognise. They travel by bus and by train. I have never seen any hitchhiking here

  • 'The Disallowed', a novel by Owen Jones, is set in the area described in this piece on Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai Province, North Thailand near the Mekong River

  • The first chupacabra sightings were in Moca, Puerto Rico in 1995, but there had been other attacks on livestock before that had not been attitubuted to anything or anyone

  • This page contains the contact details for the author of this book, 'The Disallowed'. Email is the preferred method of contact, Please join our mailing list.

  • This is a review by Barry Boy of The Disallowed - A Story of Modern Vampires by Owen Jones. It is a humerous, modern take on the old trad vlad gothic vampire stories more commonly seen

  • This is a review by Enrico Grafitti I of The Disallowed - A Story of Modern Vampires by Owen Jones. .Owen Jones creates a marvelous world of fantasy

  • The questions: 'Do vampires exist?' and 'Are vampires real?' have been posed for thousands of years without ny real answers. Perhaps, because there are many types of vampires to blur the answers.

  • The stories of Dracula are European, but known throughout the world. However, most countries have their own vampire stories too. Thailand has Pee Pob...

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  • Being a Foreign Man in Thailand has its pitfalls as well as its pleasures. Just about the biggest risk of falling foul is in dealing with women, read on...

  • 'The Disallowed' is a novel by Owen Jones in the genre of vampires, and possibly horror and comedy or comic horror, but it is an unusual vampire story, set in northern Thailand

  • Heng Lee becomes anaemic but does not have the money to go to the hospital a hundred miles away on a regular basis, so the local shaman comes up with an alteernative solution.

  • I gew up with ghosts, as does everyone else, but I knew, whereas most people do not. Vampires are not the same as ghosts, but they do both feature in horror movies

  • Our Visa Run to Naan is an annual event, since I prefer a twelve-month extension to my non-immigrant 'O' visa. Getting the 'married visa' requires two visits.

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  • Are here real modern vampires? Yes and no, depending on what you mean by the word vampires. Are there people who drink blood, eat people, and murder for the sake of it? YES! Too true!

  • This is a review by Roscoe I of The Disallowed - A Story of Modern Vampires by Owen Jones.Owen Jones creates a marvelous world of fantasy

  • This is a list of readrs reviews about my novel, The Disallowed - The Story of a Contemporary Vampire Family - that I have been given permission to publish here

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  • This review of The Disallowed was voluntarily submitted by a reader who made me, the author, cry with his insight. I just had to share it with you.

  • This is the first chapter of 'The Disallowed', a novel set in the Chiang Khong area of Chiang Rai province in north Thailand, near the Mekong River and Laos

  • Touching Thai Women is a hazardous thing to do. Many Thai men are very jealous and many Thai women are interested in finding out more about foreign cultures

  • Getting to Vientiane, the capital of Laos can be quite tricky. Not so much dangerous, although that is possble too, but definitely tricky...