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'The Disallowed'

My Experience With Ghosts

The Disallowed


My Experience With Ghosts


I grew up in a spiritualist family where it was quite normal to discuss our dreams, which sometimes included ghosts over the breakfast table, but I would not say that I or any of my four brothers were indoctrinated in any way.

Quite the contrary, in fact, since our parents allowed our Aunty Lil to take us to her Catholic Church when we stayed over, we went to a Baptist Chapel with the scouts and our school was Church of Wales.

My first recollection of ghosts was one evening, when I was about six. I went downsairs to tell my parents that I could not get to sleep because the (American) Indian ghosts in my room were making too much noise and wanted to talk to me all the time.

(I am not American, so please forgive me, if I use words that are not politically correct.)

My father went upstairs with me and asked the Indian ghosts to keep the noise down when I was trying to get some sleep. They did sometimes, but not often. I just learned to live with it, although I enjoyed the singing and dancing immensely.

My parents told me later that that was not the first paranormal experience that I had had. Apparently, I had had a tiger familiar for years before I went to school at age six. My parents had been able to see Grrr too, but one day she disappeared like Puff The Magic Dragon.

She probably went off to find someone more in need of her than I had become.

After the Indians, I remember quite a few photographs that my father took of me that came out with an apparition in the background, but it was not only happening to me, it happened to all of us. My father was a keen photographer, but he sent all his film away to be developed.

I was a teenager by then and actively seeking contact with ghosts and the paranormal through meditation, not Ouija boards which I had my maternal grandmother never to use (and never have). A typical 'session' would be held on a Wednesday evening.

On the Tuesday, I would have abstained from coffee and tea and would have asked permission to hold the session and would have asked for someone to 'watch my back'.

Invariably, someone would come to answer whatever question I wanted to ask. This went on for years, until I discovered sex and pubs, which effectively put an end to the sessions, because I had also promised my gran that I would not do 'these things' while under the influence of alcohol or anything like it.

There followed what might be called 'The Dark Ages' for me during which I drank and partied far too often.

When I returned to almost normal, the contacts started coming back. Dreams became more vivid and I regularly dreamed of people who had passed on. This still happens to this day.

I dream of people who I know are dead three, four, five times a week and talk normally to them as I am to you now. However, the biggest wonder in my spiritual experience was not this.

I was told in a Spiritualist Church that I had never been to before, by a lady I had never met, that she could see a silver ear trumpet by my ear as if it were hanging there on an earring.

She explained that that meant to her that I was better at hearing the voice of spirit than seeing phenomena.

She was right, because I have always been able to predict what people want to say and the words they are struggling to find. I also went on to study eight foreign languages to fluency and am now on my ninth.

It often seems that I know what people are saying in foreign languages even if I don't know the vocabulary they are using.

by +Owen Jones