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Chupacabra Sightings

Chupacabra Sightings

Chupacabra Sightings

Chupacabra SightingsThe first chupacabra sightings were in Puerto Rico in 1995 and the man who first gave them a name at that time, a Spanish speaker, dubbed them chupacabras or 'sucker of goats'. However, the word looks ungainly in English, so it was shortened to 'chupacabra' singular and 'chupacabras' for the plural, whereas the original was singular and plural like sheep.

However, the first such problem occurred twenty years earlier in Moca, Puerto Rico, where the Vampire of Moca (El vampiro de Moca) was blamed. Chupacabra sightings soon started pouring in from thirteen countries in the Americas.

From those first chupacabra sightings, they have now been reported in Texas, the USA, and as far north as New England and as far south as Chile. Most of these chupacabra sightings have been explained away as mangy dogs, wolves, coyotes or the like.

No serious scientists have said that they believe them to be modern vampires hitherto undiscovered or, an alien race from another planet or dimension.

There have also been chupacabra sightings reported in Russia and the Philippines, but they are deemed to be even less reliable. Descriptions vary, but originally they were said to walk on two legs with feet that ended in claws. They said it looked reptilian with leathery skin and walked or and hopped like a kangaroo.

If you want to see images of the chupacabra, look on the Internet. Wikipedia has one of the earliest ones. The differing descriptions makes it more difficult to believe that these so-called modern vampires are anything more than the mangy dogs they are claimed to be.

On the other hand, perhaps some of the horrific killings of livestock and pets (150 one night in Canovanas with all the animals' blood drained out!) were carried as part of some Satanic ritual.

The last recorded chupacabra sightings were in Texas in April 2014.

Similar to the chupacabra are the fabled, grunches of Grunch Lane in New Orleans, a favourite with courting couples, but it is easy to suspect reasons for the invention of the creatures in this instance.

The occurrence of chupacabra sightings does not seem to be diminishing, but the jury is still out whether they are real or not, not that that will make people take their government's word for it, wherever they live.

One question, how do you suck the blood out of 150 animals

  1. in one night?
  2. alone? 
  3. without them making a noise? 
  4. without there being chupacabra sightings? (Canovanas).


It all seems pretty weird to me!

by +Owen Jones